Boat and RV Storage

RV/Boat Lot

    • For a yearly fee and based on availability, the RV/boat lot is available for storage of operable and registered boats or RVs to AE homeowners current on their HOA dues and any fines paid.
    • Renters are assigned a space issued on a first-come first-served basis and may be limited based on the size of the item to be stored.
    • If a space is not currently available, the homeowner will go on the wait list.  If you are on the waiting list, this does not give a resident permission for the equipment to be stored in your driveway or on your lot except for inside a garage.
    • Access to the lot is restricted to renters only via the use of a key. 

    To rent a space contact RV/Boat Storage Chair, Bill Demas, (843) 873-0869,

    For the safety and enjoyment of all our Ashborough East neighbors we ask that all residents and their guests follow the rules and guidelines for use of our community’s amenities. Ashborough East Homeowners Association assumes no liability for injuries to residents and their guests occurring on the playground, tennis courts, RV/Boat storage lot, pool, Community Building and surrounding parking areas.

    Thank you.

    Please review the following documents for more details on the storage facility.

    Gate Lock
    Please be sure to lock the gate correctly based on the following picture:

    The lock is inserted in the hole under the center drop pin support.
    The Chain is run through the right hand gate chain link fence just above the latch
    The Chain is pulled tight and connected to the lock at 2 or 3 links past the end of the chain

    These are samples of an incorrectly locked gate:
    Chain must be wrapped around right hand gate

    Lock must be inserted in the hole under the center drop pin support

    Drop pin must be inserted in receiver, Lock must be inserted in the hole under the center drop pin support