The Ashborough East (AE) Community Building (CB) is available for use on a reservation basis by all residents in good standing. For information and reservations contact Tiffany Pecoraro at or by phone at 504-232-1401.

The Community Building is located at the end of Middleton Blvd next to the pool and tennis courts. The street address is 600 Middleton Blvd, Summerville, SC, 29485. Many online maps have it located at 500 London Ferry Lane, Summerville, SC, 29485.

Rules and Regulations and Rental Procedures

Rules and Regulations

  1. Rentals. The community building (CB) is available for use on a reservation basis, for AE residents only.
  2. Restricted Use. The building is for AE community functions or groups and members’ private social functions. The CB requires reservations placed through the CB Chairperson and a rental fee. Commercial use of the CB is prohibited by Article VII of the Community Restrictions. Para-commercial uses such as investment clubs are permitted. Scout groups, tennis teams and bridge groups are examples of groups that may rent the CB as long as they are comprised of or hosted by groups that are made up primarily of AE residents.
  3. Damages. Misuse or abuse of the CB will result in exclusion from using the CB and rescission of membership privileges and an assessment for repairs and/or cleanup costs. Cleaning costs at the rate of $50/hour will be deducted from the deposit if the premises are not cleaned. Please report any and all damages to CB chairperson.
  4. Member must be present. AE members must be present during CB use and are responsible for damages.
  5. Furniture. CB furniture may not be removed from the building at any time.
  6. Building Capacity. Maximum capacity of 70 persons.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the CB.
  8. Alcohol may only be consumed by those ages 21 and over.
  9. Security. Depending on the nature of use and number of guests, the AEHA Board of Directors reserves the right to require renter to provide adequate security personnel such as off-duty law enforcement.

Rental Procedures

1.  Rental Rate. The rental fee of $125.00 entitles the renter to six hours of building use, which must conclude by 11pm. A separate refundable cleaning deposit of $125.00 is also required. Deposits will be returned via the original payment method, as long as cleaning inspection is passed. Checks are to be made payable to AEHA.
2. Reservations. The CB is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the CB Chairperson and check availability (Tiffany Pecoraro, A $125.00 refundable cleaning deposit is necessary to confirm and hold a reservation. The $125.00 rental payment is due at least one week prior to the rental date.
3. Cancellation Fee. If the reservation is canceled with less than two weeks’ notice, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from the deposit.
4. Cleanup. Renters are required to follow cleanup procedures as posted in the CB. All users must remove and dispose of trash as there is no trash pickup at the CB. Remember to clean hand/fingerprints from the windows and reset the thermostat. Cleanings costs of $50/hour will be deducted from the deposit if the premises are not cleaned properly. The cleaning deposit will be refunded after the building has passed an after-use inspection.
5. Emergency Contact/Injury. In case of injuries on the CB premises, please contact the CB Chairperson Tiffany Pecoraro (504-232-1401,, AEHA property management ROG Coastal (Lauren Hardy, 843-972-3865), or a member of the AE Board of Directors immediately.

Cleaning Instructions for Ashborough East Community Building (CB)


All cleaning supplies will be provided by CB management. Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink.
o Do not use tape on the walls or put any holes in the wall for hanging decorations. Tape pulls off the paint, nail holes have to be filled and painted. Cleaning/repairs costs will be deducted from deposit.
o Vacuum all floors, including carpet.
o After vacuuming, use spin mop to mop hard-surface floors, including bathroom floors. Follow instructions on mop for water and solution fill lines. Solution (Pinesol) will be provided. After mopping, remove dirty mop pads and place in the plastic bag provided.
o Clean toilets and wipe down bathroom sinks, counters, and mirrors.
o Clean kitchen counters, sink, stove top, microwave and oven.
o Clean granite countertops and wipe down the front of the cabinets located by the entry door.
o Clean out refrigerator. Wipe down shelves.
o Wipe off any fingerprints on windows and any glass tops.
o Wash and dry any items borrowed from the kitchen cabinets and return to cabinets at end of event.
o All furniture must be put back in proper arrangement. Furniture cannot go outside.
o All folding chairs and tables are to be put back in the closet. Follow the closet organizer posted on the closet door.
o All trash and garbage will be removed from the CB and disposed of by the renter.
o Upon leaving, setting on HVAC system should be: Summer setting 80, winter setting 60. Please ensure all lights are turned off and all entry doors locked.
o Complete check list and notify chairperson the CB is ready for inspection. After inspection, renter will be contacted regarding refund of deposit check. A cleaning charge of $50 per hour may be deducted from deposit if CB needs cleaning. Renter will be informed of any areas needing additional cleaning and given the opportunity to perform the cleaning themselves (within 24 hours unless the CB is rented for the following day, then sooner). Please report any damage to CB manager or any comments concerning your rental experience in the comments section below.
Community Building Chairperson: Tiffany Pecoraro – , Ph# 504-232-1401