The 2020 AE HOA Proposed Budget is available, please review and have comments/changes ready for the October meeting.

Halcyon Real Estate Services handles all of Ashborough East’s Community Management services including financial management.  Contact Halcyon about payment of dues or if you have concerns about neighborhood appearance or covenant violations.  David Peterson is president of Halcyon and Community Manager for the AEHA.


  1. Send email to Halcyon at halcyon@halcyonres.com
  2. Go to home page of Halcyon’s website halcyonres.com. Click “CONTACT US” and complete the form.  Under “reason” you can select “Report a Covenant Violation”    
  3. Call or email David Peterson from Halcyon at 803-732-9644 (davidp@halcyonres.com ) or (halcyon@halcyonres.com ).
  4. Send a FAX to Halcyon at 803-732-9625
  5. Write to Halcyon at 401 Western Lane, Suite 8-B, Irmo SC 29063

ARCHITECTUAL REVIEW BOARD: For questions about Architectural Review (such as tree cutting, fences, or alterations to exterior of your house or property), contact the AEHA Architectural Review Board (ARB):  asheast.arb@gmail.com or 843  821-1275.   For application forms see the ARB section of our website.   John Mojonnier continues as our ARB chair.

 AEHA Board of Directors:

Please note that the 3rd Monday of each month will be the board’s normal meeting date.  You can also check the calendar. Note there is no board meeting in July and December.


The AE Tennis Committee has arranged for Ben Hough to offer tennis lessons. Lessons available to tennis members and non-members. Check out Ben’s website or contact him at houghb1@yahoo.com  or 843-214-5968.

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click here for Architectural Review Board (ARB) information

Attn: Closing Attorneys and new home buyers! The AEHA 2020 annual dues are $457.00. There is a $150 fee payable to our management company at the time of closing for their service in providing “Estoppel Letter” confirming the status of dues and any fees or assessments. Here is a link to the Ashborough East Covenants. To request any further information please contact Halcyon Real Estate Services at halcyon@halcyonres.com.
Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

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